emil oh saby oh..prank..

hari ni (sabtu,16feb) aku takde buat apa kat rumah tapi mlm tadi aku dah janji ngan hurulain (nama mcm arab dia nih) nak jumpa kat central market,kl.so aku kuar la rmh dalam kol… Continue reading


14th february nothing to celebrate but today i have shots that i want to share with u guys. finally i have couple portraiture!!yeah! we playing human-go-round.yeay! i love this piece!!so much gahh..isnt sweet… Continue reading


today i was looking back over my shoot of eeka and the rest and realized it would be cool to share a couple quick before and after images. every time i sit down… Continue reading

the temple

all image taken by fad The Thean Hou Temple is a landmark six-tiered Chinese temple. It is located on a 1.67 acres (6,760 m²) of land atop Robson Heights along Lorong Bellamy, overlooking… Continue reading

Gravity Powered

photograph by fad photography Photography can freeze time,showing us just a single moment of a larger story.These photograph seem to capture people suspended impossibly in midair,leaving us to imagine what happens next.We all… Continue reading

Stop discrimination?

Universiti Malaya,25th jan – photograph by fad



all photograph taken by fad Last Wednesday,23rd Jan,i went to Batu Caves,Selangor for the Thaipusam – hindu festival. Every year i just heard about the celebration,but this time i came down and i… Continue reading

This is 1st!

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